Coranto 1.25.2 is latest Stable Release -- Download it today

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Coranto 1.25.2 is latest Stable Release -- Download it today

Postby Jackanape » Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:19 pm

The latest stable--and hopefully, last of the 1.x series--release of Coranto is version 1.25.2.

Coranto 1.25.2 addresses the following:

* Fixed upgrade instructions for users attempting to upgrade their installs.
* Changed version number in Coranto.cgi & Viewnews.cgi to 1.25.2 to reflect package distribution changes.
* Fixed html in documentation to properly reflect current package status.
* Fixed a file lock issue that has been around for a while. Documented fix can be found here (Second long term solution near the bottom). This fix was intended to be added long ago, but movement into 1.3x rendered this fix unnecessary. This fix not only fixes certain addons that might break Coranto, but also ensures better file locking when Coranto is building files.
* Added Content Type to top of Coranto.cgi this fixes a few issues with Browsers other than IE and makes Coranto work correctly with addons like Shutdown.
* Re-added the class="submit" and class="reset" values as somewhere between 1.2.0 and 1.25.1 they were lost. Allows skinning with css of submit and reset button.

Join us today in bringing Coranto into tomorrow, download and install a full working copy of Coranto, from our repository located at: ... %201.25.2/

Best regards,
the admins
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