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Contact email

Postby __trainer » Tue Jun 05, 2007 10:10 pm

I'm a long time user of Coranto.
Certainly from back in the Newspro days, I have files going back to year 2000.

When this forum changed it's format, I really wanted to be one of the first to re-register.

I didn't receive my confirmation email.
I tried to find a contact address on the home page, but the only one I could see was Swordfish - the designer (? sorry not sure ?).

So I contacted him and asked for help - I heard nothing.
I guess if I didn't hear from you guys - it's plausible that you didn't get my email.

Then I re-registered - same story...
No confirmation - no answer from whomever I sent the 'request for help' email to.
(Sorry - can't remember - it may have been Swordfish or possibly someone else...?)

My problem is that I don't use throw away hotmail and yahoo addresses as there is no degree of accountability with them - you can see I am an Admin!

Therefore I am limited to the amount of registrations I can make, due to my limited number of email addresses.

So, the point I am getting to - (albeit slowly) is that you need some contact address on the homepage for people like me who...

a) didn't receive the confirmation email
b) just need another method of getting in touch with you guys

Hah hah - shoot me down and show me a link now, but I couldn't find it a few months ago when I needed it. :twisted:

BTW - this isn't a gripe - I LOVE Coranto - I'm still here after all these years.
It's just (what I believe to be) constructive criticism to promote this excellent product :)

Peace love and more coranto :D


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Postby Jackanape » Wed Jun 06, 2007 3:18 pm

Good point, Trainer! We will have to find a better system for contact info--I'll get back to everyone soon!

I've just turned off user activation, so that should help everyone get things going...
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