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Postby Elenzi » Sun Feb 17, 2008 8:35 am

i tried to use it and annarich , but when i submit i cant post news ,i would like to ask if i want change in subject characters

ού, α, β, γ, δ, ε, ζ, η, θ, ι, κ, λ

ou, ou, a, b, g, d, e, z, i, th, i, k, l

how i put this in addon SearchAndReplace
and if set up seo urls in maginot line field:subject
and my language is greek this addon can change greek characters

in this latin replaces in order to have seo urls
or is any file in which put the replacements in joomla in a file a greek man put them and seo urls work

/* HACK: greek symbols convertor */
'ου'=>'ou', 'ού'=>'ou', 'α'=>'a', 'β'=>'b', 'γ'=>'g', 'δ'=>'d', 'ε'=>'e', 'ζ'=>'z',
'η'=>'i', 'θ'=>'th', 'ι'=>'i', 'κ'=>'k', 'λ¸'=>'l', '¨μ'=>'m', 'ν'=>'n', 'ξ'=>'ks',
'ο'=>'o', 'π'=>'p', 'ρ'=>'r', 'σ'=>'s', 'τ'=>'t', 'υ'=>'i', 'φ'=>'f', 'χ'=>'x',
'ψ'=>'ps', 'ω'=>'o', 'ά'=>'a', 'έ'=>'e', 'ή'=>'i', 'ί'=>'i', 'ό'=>'o', 'ύ'=>'i',
'ώ'=>'o', 'Ου'=>'ou', 'Ού'=>'ou', 'Α'=>'a', 'Β'=>'b', 'Γ'=>'c', 'Δ'=>'d', 'Ε'=>'e',
'Ζ'=>'z', 'Η'=>'i', 'Θ'=>'th', 'Ι'=>'i', 'Κ=>'k', 'Λ'=>'l', 'Μ'=>'m', 'Ν'=>'n',
'Ξ'=>'ks', 'Ο'=>'o', 'Π'=>'p', 'Ρ'=>'r', 'Σ'=>'s', 'Τ'=>'t', 'Υ'=>'i', 'Φ'=>'f',
'Χ'=>'x', 'Ψ'=>'ps', 'Ω'=>'o', 'Ά'=>'a', 'Έ'=>'e', 'Ή'=>'i', 'Ί'=>'i', 'Ό'=>'o',
'Ύ'=>'i', 'Ώ'=>'o', 'ς'=>'s', 'ϊ'=>'i', 'ΐ'=>'i', '--'=>'-');
$string = str_replace(array_keys($lr),array_values($lr),$string);

/* HACK: changing unwanted symbols */

is this possible with coranto and how can work
he put this in a file seo
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