How to Get Help - Read Before Posting

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How to Get Help - Read Before Posting

Postby Dale Ray » Mon Oct 08, 2007 7:36 pm

While this area is specific to addons it is important that you understand Coranto's basics before you try to troubleshoot addons. So please read:

Installation and Basics
The SrNupsen Trilogy

Other Sources
    * Search these forums There are over 50,000 posts relating to Coranto here.
    * Browse or search the Documentation Wiki.
    * Read the (Almost) ALL of your questions are answered here topic in the Coranto Support Forum.
    * If you haven't found an answer after looking at those resources post a question here in the forum.

    What is needed so that others may help you.
    Some things that are helpful when you post a question:
      -The version of Coranto you are using.
      -Addons that you are using. If you are using CorantoSQL or any other SQL addon this is very important!
      -The actions you have already taken to fix the problem or find a solution
      -The code from the style or template you are using.
      -Use a descriptive topic subject. "I need help!!!!" really doesn't work as good as "Posts displaying twice using a standard profile"
      Read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
Viewing Addon Docs
If an addon has documentation included it is available from the Addon Manager page in the Coranto interface.

Once you login you go to:
    Administration then to Addon Manager
    If the addon has docs there will be a 'View Documentation' link below the information about the addon.
    Click on the link to view the docs in a new page.

Some addons also include a readme file or other docs with in the download archive. You should also check to see if there is any documentation provided in this manner.

After the problem is fixed

Once you get your problem fixed, whether on your own or with help from other users, please stop back and post to let us know what worked.

Your feedback may help us assist the next user or even provide the answer for the next user with a problem like yours.
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