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RandomNews Does Not process Some Fields

PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 4:07 pm
by Dale Ray
While looking into the problem posted here I was doing some local testing of RandomNews.

I was using Coranto V 1.24 and when RandomNews was called it did not process any the fields that used the format <Field: UserField_somefield> or any of the date fields (<Field: Date>, etc.).

Is this normal for this addon or do I have a problem with my local configuration?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 5:18 pm
by Dale Ray
I did a fresh install of Coranto 1.25.1 and with RandomNews as the only addon confirmed that <Field: UserField_Email> and <Field: Date> are not processed.

Subject: <Field: Subject><br />
Posted by: <Field: User><br />
Date: <Field: Date><br />
E-Mail: <Field: UserField_Email><br />
Category: <Field: Category><br />
Timestamp: <Field: newstime><br />
Newsid: <Field: newsid><br />
Text Below:<br />
<Field: Text><br />
<br />

Output from RandomNews:
Subject: Item One<br />
Posted by: dale<br />
Date: <br />
E-Mail: <br />
Category: (default)
<br />
Timestamp: 1191775478<br />
Newsid: EEAEZZVuZltTtRaJmc<br />
Text Below:<br />
This is the first item.<br />
<br />

An item displayed with viewnews and the same style displays the email and date.

Output from viewnews.cgi:
<html><head><title>Item Two</title></head><body>
Subject: Item Two<br />
Posted by: dale<br />
Date: Sunday, October 7 2007<br />
E-Mail:<br />
Category: (default)<br />
Timestamp: 1191775835<br />
Newsid: EEAEZZVlFVhRRrQewz<br />
Text Below:<br />
A second item for your use!<br />
<br />


This leads me to believe that these fields are not being processed by RandomNews.

You can also see that the html header and footer provided by viewnews.cgi is not created by RandomNews.