Some users of Coranto have experienced with problems with the newsdat.txt file being lost during news builds. This usually relsults in the newsdat.txt file having the a size of zero bytes, with all news that was in the database lost.


Coranto automatically creates a backups of nsettings.cgi. Renaming the backup to nsettings.cgi will recover all news items that existed when the backup was created. The file to look for to rename is:


It will be in the same directory as your nsettings.cgi file.

Probable Causes

Not Enough Space

If your server's hard disk is full or if you reach your hosting service limits You may see this problem. You either need to free up space on the server or increase the amount of space available.

FLOCK problems

On a Coranto installation with multiple users this can also happen when the perl flock flag is not properly implemented on the server. This seems to be more of a problem on a windows server.

Further Reading

There are many discussions of this problem in the Coranto Forums use the forum search to to find them.

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