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On a Windows Computer

Due to the way some hosts setup their servers once you have installed Coranto and set permissions correctly and try to run the intial Setup it will give you an invalid Login (See This thread for more information). If this is the case then a simple fix involves:

  • 1st: Download dos2unix and unzip it somewhere you can find.
  • 2nd: Next take the file nsettings.cgi from the zip you downloaded from the Coranto Setup zip on sourceforge and drag and drop it into the UNIX2DOS.EXE it should give you a screen for a brief second. It will not acknowledge anything happened but it did its thing.
  • 3rd: Finally simply take that "new" nsettings.cgi you just dropped into Unix2Dos and re-upload it to your host.

If everything worked as it should you should now be able to setup coranto without having this issue.

 *Please be aware that fix only pertains to people experiencing the problems noted in this thread and this thread.
 *Always remember to use the latest version of Coranto.

On Any Computer

Added by Dale Ray

The solution above works on a Windows computer since the UNIX2DOS.exe is a Windows executable.

If you have a text editor that allows you to specify the line endings (NoteTab on Windows, KWrite or Kate on a Linux Machine) you can simply open the nsettings.cgi file and save it with UNIX line endings.

I am sure that there are command line utilities to do this also. They probably vary by platform.

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