News Field Tags

News Content

  • Category - the name of the category
  • CategoryName - The display name of the category
  • Subject
  • Text

The news Categories addon has to be enabled to use the Category field.
The latest version of the News Categories addon is needed to show the category display name.

User Information

  • User - the user's login name
  • UserField_Email - the user's e-mail address

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Date/Time Fields

  • Date - formatted as defined in the main Coranto settings
  • Year - four digit year
  • TwoDigitYear
  • Month_Name
  • Month_Day
  • Month_Number - no leading zero if less then 10
  • TwoDigitMonth
  • Weekday - the name of the day
  • Day - the day number with no leading zero if less than 10
  • TwoDigitDay
  • Hour - the hour with no leading zero if less than 10
  • TwoDigitHour
  • Minute
  • Second
  • AMPM - either AM or PM
  • Time_Zone - as defined in the Coranto settings
  • newstime - the timestamp of the newsitem (looks like: 1091336400)

You can use <Field: Month> in your style, but it will be replaced with the month number minus 1 (one), so January returns 0 (zero) and June returns 5 (five).
The correct form of the Year category is capitalized.

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Other Tags

  • newsid - the item's ID as generated by Coranto
  • ProfileName - the profile being processed

How to Use

All of the tags above use the format:

 <Field: fieldname>

where fieldname is one of the values listed above.

Using Additional News Fields (Custom Fields)

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Content Data Fields

You can create additional data fields by selecting Edit News Fields on the Coranto Administration page. These fileds can be placed into your styles using:

 <Field: CustomField_your_field_name>

your_field_name is the name of the field you create not the display name.

User Information Fields

You can add additional fields to hold user information by selecting Edit User Fields from the Coranto administration page.

You use thes fields in your style with this syntax:

 <Field: UserField_your_user_field>

where your_user_field is the name of the field you have created. This can be useful for adding display names or other user data.

The ItemAnchor tag



into your style causes text similar to this:


to be inserted into your output file. This is intended to be used to create html anchors in the page. Example:

 <a name="<ItemAnchor>"></a>

Using the ItemAnchor tag allows you to put the html anchor where you want in your output. You can also set the Anchor Tags? profile settings to Yes (On) to have the anchors inserted automatically.

More Documentation

Style Documentation

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