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Dale Ray

I have been involved with computers as a tool and as a hobby since 1982. My first Computer was a Commodore 64.

I have been a SYSOP on dial-up BBSes and worked in the Commodore area on GEnie for about a year. I was a Q-Link user, which was a predecessor to AOL that served the Commodore computing community. I have also used CompuServe and Delphi. At one time I thought my 1200 BAUD modem was fast!

I was also active in a local Commodore user group (Midwest Commodore Users Group - MWCUG) as an officer and editor of their newsletter.

I have built all of my PCs since the IBM XT that was given to me. Currently I am running Windows XP Pro with an AMD Athlon 1700+ CPU, 1 GB of RAM, and 160 GB of hard disk space.

I like to read mysteries, and watch a lot of movies. I have coached fastpitch softball for over 30 years. Softball Bio

I am not a programmer, even though I will hack something simple from time to time. My contribution to the Coranto community is the downloads, documentation, and links to other resources. The docs I write are as much for me as other users, I often refer back to them when returning to a project or concept. Sharing them may mean that someone else doesn't have to start from scratch.

The idea of users supporting users was very much a part of my early involvement with computers. The exchange of information at user group meetings and later in online communities is how I was raised. So here is a place to expand your knowledge about Coranto. I hope that you find it useful.

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