This article is more opinion than documentation. Because of the flexibility of Coranto it is hard to define exactly what it is. This is my opinion.

Dale Ray

Database Manager

To me the primary use of Coranto is as a database manager. The database is a flat file, but it is still a database. You input data, the data is stored, and the data is retrieved and acted upon (sorted, filtered, output in usable form).

In most cases Coranto's database is used to store data that makes up the content of a web site.

Content Manager

Coranto is a tool for managing content. One of the strengths of Coranto is that it does not force a user into any particular model when it comes to the presentation of that content. Too many people get hung up on presentation and forget that Coranto is primarily a tool to manage content.

Coranto's flexibility is demonstrated by the fact that you can choose almost any method of presenting that content. This is how a database should work. The content is stored and retrieved and the database is neutral about how it is used. Coranto works with php, straight html, SSI, javascript, and even has been used in flash sites.

Extensible Framework

Because of the addon system and the ability to use perl to manipulate the raw data Coranto provides a framework that can be extended to accomplish almost any task. Addons can be written that add useful functionality that are only a few lines of code or that exceed the Coranto core in length. The addon system works so well that there is very little conflict even when a user has multiple adons installed.

What Coranto Isn't

Presentation Manager

Installing Coranto on your server won't automatically give you a pretty web site. Coranto won't make an ugly web site beautiful, but it will make managing the content easier. Everything that is done inside the Coranto interface that relates to appearance is actually the application of another technology. Even if the html or CSS markup is in a Coranto style, it is still the html and the CSS markup that is controlling the appearance of your site, not Coranto.


Coranto justs works. If you don't have anything on your site indicating you use Coranto no one can tell. Coranto justs sits in the background, allowing you to do site updates from anywhere you have web access.


Coranto is a tool. As with a hammer or a saw, the quality of the work that is produced is determined by the hands using the tool. Like all good tools Coranto makes success easier.

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