Can I install more than one copy of Coranto on my server?

2005-01-19 by faithless

Well, yes you can.

However, you'll have to create all the logins for each Coranto installations instead of just one. A hassle if you have 20 staff or so. Also, with multiple installations, you cannot have a headline file that will display the latest from all of your Coranto installations combined.

Insead of running 3 different Coranto scripts to handle news for 3 different sections (one for each section), You can use the "News Categories" addon and "X MultiSubmit" addon by l0rdphi1 and Lawrence Williams to create 3 different "Submit Pages" profiles (one for each section) Then with some work, you can also restrict access to each "Submit Page" and control which sections each user or user level have access to.

It takes less work to setup multiple sectors with categories under one installation, plus it makes template changes, posting and any modifications much easier in the long run.


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