The information on this page comes from discussions in the Coranto Forums. It is not original thought, merely a collection of points about how sorting and filtering work in Coranto. Thanks to Parahead for most of the information below.

V 1.24 of Coranto and earlier versions work the items include in each profile sorted from newest item to oldest. Coranto then filters according to the profile settings. What is left is then sorted according to the profile setting.


Profile has multiple items.

Profile is set to include only 1 (one) item.

Profile is set to sort chronologically (oldest first).

The items for this profile are selected from the data base and stores in an array sorted with the newest first. The filter settings are applied and the first item (the newest) is plucked from the array. This 'list' is then sorted according to the profile setting.

If you change the filter-by-number setting to 2 (two) you end up with the wrong two items, but they are sorted in the order you wanted.


Perl Code

Leave the filter-by-number setting blank and add the code below to your style.

  $totalitems = 1; 

  if($countitems > $totalitems) {

Set $totalitems to the number of items you want to be included.

Profile Numeric Filter Addon

This addon by Parahead allows to to set whether sorting or filtering should be done first for each profile on the profile settings page.

Available at Parahead's Coranto Corner

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