2005-02-16 by faithless

How To:

1. Login to your Coranto. (duh!)
2. Open the News Styles for which you want the [Edit] News link to appear.
3. Enter the following HTML code into the selected News Styles:

 <a href="h**p://www.mysite.com/cgi-bin/coranto/coranto.cgi?nid=<Field: newsid>&action=modify-edit">Edit]

4. Save the select News Styles and do a Full Rebuild.
5. Done! Enjoy.

Important Information:

The above example of h**p://www.mysite.com/cgi-bin/coranto/coranto.cgi is just an example!
You'll need to change the url to reflect your copy of Coranto.
However, the "coranto.cgi?nid=&action=modify-edit" must remain in order for this to work.

Misc. Information:

The above code can be changed to suit your liking.
You can even use an image instead of the [Edit] link.


If you've selected "Remember Password?" option when you last logged in, Coranto will automatically direct you to the Modify News page for the selected news item. If you've not logged in before, Coranto will require you to login, before redirecting you to the Modify News page for the selected news item. This however, will not give you rights to edit news items you do not already have access to. :P (Hackers Beware!)

Versions/Addons Tested:

Tested on Coranto 1.02 with XMS 1.93.
Should work with any recent version of Coranto with or without XMS installed.
Works with iSay as well as Maginot pages too.

Alternate Method

There is now an alternate approach to this, for those not wishing to make public the location of their Coranto installation. Check out the addon EasyEdit by Parahead.

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