Coranto does not have any built-in method of deleting files that you no longer want on your site. If you delete a profile the output files remain. If you create static pages old content can linger on your site.

Automatic Deletion

Automatically deleting files is not really considered an option since it is too easy to delete something you want in error.

Imagine a profile that creates a text file used by another script on your site, if deleting that profile automatically removed the files it had created your other script would also not work. This may or may not be what you intended when you deleted the profile.

You might delete a standard profile that creates a static page simply because you do not expect that page to change again and want to clean up the profile management page. This is clearly a case where you wouldn't want auto deletion.

Many users create static pages with the Maginot addon. Maginot is very powerful and can create entire directories structures with one profile. What exactly gets deleted if you disable or delete a Maginot profile?

Using FTP

What happens now is that you must use FTP or some method other than Coranto to access the server and delete unwanted files. This may not be available if you are not at your primary computer.

Using MultiPart

MultiPart is an addon that is intended as an upload solution for Coranto. It adds a MultiPart profile type that allows you to upload files through the Coranto interface. It also allows the deletion of files in the directories that are accessed by MultiPart profiles.

Set Up

  • Create a MultiPart profile.
  • Set the profile directory to the directory you want to be able to delete files in
  • Set the delete permissions as you desire
  • Set the extensions allowed for the files ytou wish to manage
  • Save the settings
  • Enable the profile

Managing Files

When you click on the Upload Manager link on Coranto's main page or in the menu at the bottom of each page you will be taken to a page where you can manage files in the directories you have MultiPart profiles for.

Each file has a [x] next to it. Click on the [x] to delete the file.


Remember that MultiPart has additional settings on Coranto's Main Settings page.

You can manage files in any directory below the one that the profile is set for.

You can have multiple profiles and set the permissions different on each one.

Be careful!

This does not replace a full blown FTP program, but it does allow you to remove files from your server from any computer where you can access your Coranto installation.


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