Profiles are used by Coranto to collect and group items from the database into a format suitable for presentation on a web site.

In much the same way that Categories can be used to separate the database items into different groups on entry, so Profiles can be used to separate and group them at their exit from the database i.e. at the time of generation of Coranto output files.

At the simplest, a single Profile will be used to provide for the output of the Coranto database to be formatted for a single web page. At the most complex, the possible uses of Profiles are probably endless.

This article considers the basic attributes and settings associated with a Coranto Profile leaving their possible uses to be considered elsewhere in the document suite.

The Purpose of Profiles

All output from the Coranto database is generated via one or more Profiles so to use Coranto, at least a basic understanding of the use of Profiles is required.

When the 'Build News' option is selected, or a new item is submitted to Coranto, the database is processed according to the settings of the current Profiles. Each active (enabled) Profile will result in the generation of a text file containing (some of) the content of the database. The Profile settings provide a set of filter criteria against which each item in the database is analyzed and thus dictates which articles are included in each of the generated output files.

In addition, the individual 'articles' within each of these files will be formatted according to the style specified in the Profile settings.

The resulting file is usually not a complete web page and is used by including it into a page using SSI, PHP, or other include methods.

If a template file is specified as part of a Profile, a second file is created by Coranto when it generates output for each Profile. This will contain the same filtered database items as the first file, formatted to the specified style but in most cases, this will be a complete and valid web page. (This assumes that the template provides the remainder of the valid structure required for such a page.)

Profile Settings

Profiles allow the following filtering and sorting actions to be performed on the content of the Coranto database:

  • Filter items by time or date
  • Skip items by time or date
  • Change the sort order of filtered items

In addition, they allow:

  • Specification of the style to use for formatting each individual item
  • Specification of the template (if the user wants a static page built)

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