Addon Authors: L0rdph1l
Version: 1.01
Last Release Date: March 3, 2005
Works with: Tested with Coranto v1.24, works with 1.31.x with revisions
Available at: L0rdph1l's Coranto Repository


The Template Editor addon allows you to edit Coranto Template files from within the Coranto interface.

Using with Coranto 1.31.x

This information is from Parahead, as posted in the Coranto Forums:

For anyone interested, there is a solution that would make the template editor work in both a Coranto 1.24 and 1.31.x environment... This is a general idea that can be applied to other addons that needs updating to handle the folder structure as well, but the exact solution described below is of course particular for the Template Editor.

First, inside you should find and change all occurrences (five in all) of




Then find the lines that looks like this in

 $in{fn} = undef if $in{new} or $in{newfn};
 if ($in{save} and exists $in{tmpl}) {

Just in between these lines you should insert a new line, so it looks like this afterwards:

 $in{fn} = undef if $in{new} or $in{newfn};
 my $templatePath = $CConfig{tmpl_path} || $CConfig{admin_path};
 if ($in{save} and exists $in{tmpl}) {

Basically this makes the addon use the new template path variable if it can be found, otherwise revert back to the old admin path.

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