Addon Author: Psykosys and Dale Ray
Version: 0.5
Last Release Date: March 26, 2006
License: Public Domain
Works with: Tested with Coranto v1.24 (Not needed in the new V1.35.1)
Available at:

About the Authors

Psykosys posted the core code for this addon in the Coranto Forums in September of 2005. In January of 2006 Dale Ray converted the code into an addon and released the first version.

What It Does

In Coranto version 1.24 and before you can not specify the extension on a per profile basis for profiles that create a their output using a template. This means that all files created by a standard profile using a template have the same extension. You can't create xml files with one profile and shtml files with another. Post-Build File Renamer allows you to specify both the part of the filename before the extension and the extension for each profile.

Version 0.4 added the ability to specify a different directory for the file. Coranto normally creates two files for every profile that uses a template. The first file is the output of the profile after it has been processed by the style. The contents of this file are then inserted into the template and a second file created. Both are created in the destination directory set in the profile settings. By entering a different path in the Destination Directory field you can move this second file to a different directory.

Note: The above discussion ignores Coranto's built-in headline feature. In my limited testing this addon does not effect the files created by Coranto's built-in headlines feature.

How To Use It

There are three new settings for each profile. One for the name, another for the extension, and a third for a destination path. If you leave these blank Coranto's behavior will not change. Entering a value into these will cause the file created by the build process to be renamed or moved. Set the default extension for your template built pages on Coranto settings page in the field for:

Archive HTML file extension

Then use Post-Build File Renamer/Mover in the profiles that you want to use a different name and extension for.

Set the destination directory only if you want the file moved after it is created by Coranto. If the directory does not exist you will receive an error message when saving the profile settings.

You can use these setting in any combination you wish on a profile by profile basis. Settings left blank will use the normal values for the profile.

What Can I Do With This?

This addon was primarily developed so that an RSS feed could be created with Coranto V1.24. It gives you the ability to rename the file created by a Coranto profile on a per profile basis. So you can process the same news items to create a web page and a valid RSS feed. See the forum topics linked to below for more information.

However, it is not limited to that use. You can use this whenever you want the output file moved. renamed, or you need a specific file extension that is different from the default.

Using with Coranto 1.31.x (new beta versions)

This addon is not needed with the new bersions of Coranto. In the latest beta versions each profile has settings for the output filename.

Further Discussion

This addon is discussed in the Coranto Forums at:

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