Addon Author: Dale Ray
Version: 0.0.1
Last Release Date: March 18, 2005
License: Public Domain
Works with: Tested with Coranto v1.24
Available at:

What It Does

This addon adds two new settings to the profile page.

Limit News by Days
Skip News by Day


Coranto's Filter by Time and Skip Days profile settings work based on calendar days. Filter by News Days is based on NEWS DAYS. If you set Filter by Time to 2 and ALL of your news items are older than two days, nothing will be displayed when the profile is built.

If the Limit News by Days is set to 2 you will be able to show either the two newest or two oldest days of news (based on the sort order) that have been entered regardless of how old or how far apart the days themselves are.

The Skip News by Days setting works the same way. When your news is built the number of days specified here will be skipped. So if you have news entered for 6 days and enter a value of 2, two days of news will be skipped.

Once you enter the setting for Skip News by Days and save the profile's settings there is one other step to make this work. You have to create a style that will use the value you set.

Further Discussion

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