Addon Manager Page

Many addons provide access to their documentation through the Coranto interface. Navigate to the Addon Manager and look at the list of addons. Starting form Coranto's main page:

 Main->Administration->Addon Manager

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You can see the documentation link for ChangeDateNew in the picture above. Clicking on this link opens the documentation in a new window.

Readme files

Always check the files that are included with the addon for a readme file. This file may contain additional information about using the addon. Read any other files that are included with the addon.

Documentation Wiki

See if the addons section of this wiki has an article on the addon. Also use the search box that is at the top right of every page to search for the addon by name.

Coranto Forum

The Coranto forums have information about every aspect of Coranto. Use the forum search to find posts related to the addon.

Author's Site

If the author has a web site visit there for the latest information about the addon. Referring back to the picture above you can see the link Visit Site for the ChangeDateNew addon.

Source Code

Reading the source code of the addon may help you even if you aren't a coder. Look for comments left by the addon author. These comments may give you insight into how the addon works and what limits it has.


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