Addon Authors: Lawrence and Parahead
Version: 3.5.6
Last Release Date: March 3, 2005
Works with: Tested with Coranto v1.24
Available at: Paraheadīs Coranto Corner

Change Date New allows you to change the date and time associated with an item entered in the Coranto database. Without this addon you can not change the date or time from within the Coranto interface.

Change Date New changes this:

Attach:cdn_before.jpg Δ

to this:

Attach:cdn_after.jpg Δ

The additional fields that are now presented allow you to alter the date or time of an existing item in the database. They also allow you to set the date and time of a new item to other than the time of entry.

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  • Post 'future' items
  • Alter the order of existing items by changing the date or time
  • Specify an end date for each item


Main Settings

Change Date New adds settings to main settings page for Coranto. Go to:

Administration -> Change Settings

scroll down until you see ChangeDateNew Settings

The following settings are available here:

Attach:date_format.jpg Δ

You can set the format to one of the three values shown in the graphic above to suit your users.

Attach:filter_future.jpg Δ

YES - items with a future date will not be included when news is built.

NO - items with a future date will be included when news is built.

This filter is applied at each news build. If the date for an item passes and news is not built the item will not be displayed. Items filtered by this setting show up on the first news build after the date and time set. If this setting is YES and you want future items to appear without manually building news you need to use the Autobuild addon and a cron job to periodically build news.

Attach:time_offset.jpg Δ

If you wish to use the time offset you have set in the Coranto settings answer Yes.

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Attach:date_time.jpg Δ

Answer Yes if you wish to be able to later the time, setting this as no only allows users to change the date.

Attach:end_date.jpg Δ

When set to Yes the field News valid until? will appear on your submit news and modify news pages. This field is not displayed in this setting is No.

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Attach:active_profiles.jpg Δ

If you enable the end date setting you can limit it on a per profile basis by selecting the profile you wish to use it with in this setting.

Attach:xms_active.jpg Δ

If you use the X Multisubmit addon you can specify which X Multisubmit profiles that the end date feature is available in.

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