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This site is to provides documentation for the Coranto news posting/CMS script.

If you want to contribute see this thread in the Coranto Forums. You must have an active account in the forums to be an editor here.

Addon authors are encouraged to document their work here.


You can click on the categories link in the left hand column to see a list of categories that articles have been placed in. Some articles are in multiple categories. If an article has been categorized the categories it belongs to are listed at the end of the article. Click on the category name to see a list of all articles in that category.

The Sections

Coranto Overview is a general resource for people getting started with Coranto by Mark Olson.
Addons provides extended documentation Coranto Addons
Customizations is for bits you can incorporate into an existing site or design
Coranto Recipes offers complete guides that result in at least a complete web page.
The Glossary defines the various terms associated with Coranto and makes good reading for a beginner.
Installation covers the installation of Coranto in depth and also some possible problems you may encounter.
Notes/Discussion are brief discussions of topics related to Coranto. These may or may not have any direct examples but are more of a 'how things work' kind of article.
Profiles provides information in the use of Coranto profiles from over view to specifics.
Related Docs includes documentation that, while not specific to Coranto, relates to Coranto or can be used in conjunction with Coranto. Discussion of chmod, webserver errors, html, and css all fall into this area.
Styles offers instructions on the use of Coranto styles.
Templates covers how to use Coranto templates and specific examples.
Troubleshooting covers problems that may arise during the use of Coranto.
The viewnews.cgi article provides documentation for using the viewnews script included with Coranto.
viewnews is used to display a single item from the database dynamically.

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