Summer Fun with Coranto - 2007

As we all gear up for summer, and all the work that takes us away from our computers, we're keeping the fires burning for Coranto--simply the best, most configurable, most powerful CMS on the market! Why not stoke the flames with us?

It's early June, and we've just released 1.25.1, what we hope will be the last release until 2.0 goes RC. 1.25.1 contains minor bugfixes, and edits, keeping everyone up to date with Coranto, and this, the official home.

We've finally merged the old Unofficial Forum Database to the Current Official one, making Coranto support that much easier and efficient for everyone, both experiences veterans, and newbies to our world.

We'll be upgrading the support forums to phpBB3 (which, incidentally, just went RC1!) in the next week or so, which will also improve everyone's experience, and hopefully encourage involvement along the way!

There's still plenty of work to do, from promotions, to outreach programs, to HTML and PERL coding. Remember, you don't have to be a programmer to get on board for this exciting trip! All you need is some passion for Coranto, and a little spare time--which, of course, is always the rub!--and you can step in and make a difference.

If you haven't already, join the community forums today, and work for Coranto tomorrow!