Welcome to the Official Coranto Site

Spearheading the effort to reinvigorate the Coranto Content Management System. Plans include a support/planning forum, facilitating the building of task-specific teams geared towards promotion, documentation, license clarification and continued Elvii search, and enhancing the image of Coranto overall.

Currently, we are beginning work on a new 1.25 release, that will help centralize everything, and prepare Coranto for the next big step forward! In keeping with the spirit of community that has driven the software for years, our initial direction will be determined by our initial "Save Coranto" teams.

Please come and join us as soon as you can!

Let's make 2007 a year to remember!

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The domains gocoranto.com and savecoranto.com just went online today, the 7th of January, 2007.

The forums have gone live the 8th of January, 2007.

The CTUS Forums have been archived and stored ON SITE as of 11 January, 2007.

The Downloads are accessible as of 17 January, 2007.