Want to make updating your webpage seem like child's play?

Coranto is a powerful Content Management Systems that simplifies the maintenance of your website, and the best part is that it's totally free! Read more to learn about one of the most flexible content management systems available!

Coranto is a flexible content management script that can be integrated in almost any web site - small or large. Coranto is a server side script written in Perl that enables you to manage content on your web site from any web browser. Coranto is an Open Source project that is free to use.


  • Free

  • Flat file database - no need for MySql or other database

  • Small server footprint - about 300 Kb

  • Allows multiple users - and user levels

  • Works with and alongside other web technologies (server side includes, php, javascript, etc.)

  • Can generate dynamic content, static content, or a combination of both

  • Integrates into your site design - does not dictate the look of your site through rigid templates

  • You can manage your site content from any computer with a modern graphical browser and internet access

  • Custom features can be added with the built-in addon system

  • Numerous addons are already available to extend functionality


  • UNIX, LINUX, or Windows server

  • Perl 5 or better - A web host supporting CGI scripts.

  • FTP access to your site (for installation)

  • The ability to set permissions on your sites files (chmod on UNIX or LINUX)