How you can help with documentation

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How you can help with documentation

Postby Dale Ray » Fri Jan 12, 2007 6:01 pm

The Coranto Docs Wiki has been adopted for documentation. So if you want to help or just want to see what is already available visit:

You can search the wiki using the search box at the top right of every page.

If you register for an account use the name you use in this forum so there will be some continuity for users viewing the docs.

Also - read the license for the site content. If you contribute you are agreeing that your work can be reused by others.

Who do we need?
    Addon authors who want to contribute extended documentation of their work.
    Any user who can document a particular use for Coranto.
    Users who are good with grammer and spelling who can help fix existing entries.
    People to extract the useful stuff from the forums and put it into a help file that strips away the forum noise.
    Anyone who wants to contribute in a positive way and has the time.


If you don't want to edit on the wiki but have a contribution send it to me in a plain text file and I will post it with the proper author attribution.
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