Newscat 2 advanced usage

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Newscat 2 advanced usage

Postby Mat » Thu May 09, 2002 6:34 am

I need a solution to a Newscat 2 problem.

I'm using the Split Static Pages option of the latest build, which allows you to use <Field: SliceValue> in your templates.

I need to create a new variable which is the same as $SliceValue, but replaces any spaces with another character.

I've tried adding:
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$keyword2 = $SliceValue;
$keyword2 =~ s/ /-/gi;

to and

This sort of works, but results in $keyword2 being the same value in all the resulting pages (probably the value of the last item in the database).

How can I make a new variable that I can use in the same way as $SliceValue.
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Postby doom » Thu Jun 06, 2002 5:29 pm

Hmm, well you could create a custom variable on ndisplay and work it from there?
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