Different templates for each category

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Different templates for each category

Postby Von Snellfharer » Tue Jun 25, 2002 8:54 pm

Different templates for each category

...can it be done by some plug-in or so?

I'm a bit rusty on the NP script but i wagely recall seeing a plug-in that does this, but the name of it??

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Postby AeroSoul » Tue Jun 25, 2002 9:08 pm

you can do this with newscat ][. edit the profile, scroll down about half way down the page to the "Template Usage" section, and there you can specify which template to user, template time, and file extension.
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multi viewnews addon

Postby Gmaniac » Wed Jun 26, 2002 9:55 am

you can also use the vna_mvns.pl, this addon can build your news with different template for every category

(you must have enable the addons for viewnews.cgi)

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