About the Want Ad section...

Do you have Coranto installed on your site, and need to hire someone to help configure things for you? <br />
Do you want Coranto on your site, but don't want to to the configuration work yourself? <br />You can ask here...there are, of course, no guarantees someone will want to take your job on, and no guarantees implied by Coranto.org.

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About the Want Ad section...

Postby Jackanape » Tue Jan 09, 2007 8:30 pm

Reading through much of CTUS forums, it's clear that a great many people have had Coranto installed onto their site for them by someone else, and are now worried over whether or not they'll ever be able to get someone to tweak their installations for them, if it should become necessary.

While we encourage everyone to do their own work with Coranto--it's not too tough, and there's lots of folks who are willing to help out--we understand that that's not always the desire on the user end. To those ends, we've created this section, so as not to leave anyone out in the cold.

It goes without saying, that this site takes no responsibility for any transactions agreed upon, right?
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