newsdat.txt lost older news, can I edit to include old news?

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newsdat.txt lost older news, can I edit to include old news?

Postby AllyGator » Fri Jun 22, 2007 12:53 pm

My site has gone through several administrators and server changes. I inherited the current situation. My newsdat.txt file has articles starting from March 2006. Coranto has generated files named mainpage-archive*.php since April 2002. Somewhere in a past server move one of the newsbak.txt files must have been lost if not the newsdat.txt file itself.

I've had to make 2 separate pages since Coranto doesn't update the normal archive page. Generated archive page Created archive to show missing articles

After reading many of the threads in this topic I understand what must have happened so I suppose there is nothing I can do to get Coranto to add all of the older articles is there? Can I edit newsdat.txt to store all older news?

I notice that the created archive pages have a link like this
Code: Select all
<a name="newsitemEpuFAVplVpscOsbblh"></a>
to grab the article so I'm assuming that Coranto still has it stored somewhere. I'd love to have all of my archived news in the same spot.

Can I reference the the newsitem # and also copy the associated text in the newsdat.txt file? Is there anyway to do this quicker?
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Postby SrNupsen » Fri Jun 22, 2007 3:18 pm

Transfering data from generated news pages back into newsdat.txt is very hard if not impossible. Inside newsdat.txt, news items are stored with only |x| separating the various fields (one news item = one line in newsdat.txt). In your generated pages, however, fields are scattered around according to the news style they were output with.

In order to reverse the news generation process, you would have to write a script that parses every HTML page, identifies the various fields and then puts them back into newsdat.txt in the correct order. I'm afraid I can't see that that would be doable.

Another - very tempting, I'm sure - option is to copy and paste everything into news submit pages, adding it to newsdat.txt that way.
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