Trouble with headlines

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Trouble with headlines

Postby Maxine MagicFox » Mon Oct 02, 2006 4:13 pm

Obviously I'm having a little trouble with my headlines styles and getting them to do what I want them to do, and I'm not sure at this point if they can or will.

I have my news page, and then on every page of my site in the side links I want to have a News 5 Items bracket that links back to that news item on the page. You can view the effect at (the headlines are located in the bottom right corner under "news infocenter")

The headline "Test" is working.

It works fine. However, on the front page I have it set up to where after every five articles, the pages get archived into

I want the headlines to continue to link to that news item, but once they are archived, the headlines no longer link back to them.

The headline Zelda News is no longer working.

My code is the obvious: <a href="index.shtml#newsitem<Field: newsid>">

But obviously when it's archived I need it to link instead to

<a href="updates.shtml#newsitem<Field: newsid>">

Is there some way to do this? An "If" command or something? I'm not very savvy with Perl or php or anything, so please be as "dumb" to me as you have to.
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Maxine MagicFox
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Postby Dale Ray » Mon Oct 02, 2006 4:49 pm

How do you have Coranto set up?

Are the pages index.shtml and updates.shtml created by separate profiles?

How are the links to the articles from the headlines included into the index.shtml page?

If you are placing these links with server side includes and using two profiles. (<!--#include virtual="headlines.txt" -->) then you can simply create the headlines for each profile and include both the current news and archived news links files. Each set of headlines will have it's own style where you can link to the proper page. Where your headlines are now you end up with:

Code: Select all
<!--#include virtual="this_page_headlines.txt" -->
<!--#include virtual="archive_page_headlines.txt" -->
Dale Ray
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Dale Ray
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Postby Maxine MagicFox » Mon Oct 02, 2006 4:59 pm

Yes, I'm using two different profiles. One titled "news" and one titled "headlines"

The headlines on both pages are included by <!--#include virtual="headlines/headlines.text"-->

And while I'm still shaky about what your suggestion meant, I think you are saying on "index" have it as

index.shtml links to headlines1 SSI
updates.shtml links to headlines2 SSI

That idea seems good if I'm only using these two pages, but remember I want it to where if you are on page "z5index.shtml" You will be linked to the news story. My site has over 50+ pages, I think, and I want them all to link to the same things through this one single SSI coding.
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Maxine MagicFox
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