Stopped working, now cannot reinstall.

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Stopped working, now cannot reinstall.

Postby shadowphoenix » Fri Jun 23, 2006 6:39 pm

After months of the script working wonderfully, it just stopped one day. I figured maybe something got screwy and it was about time to clean house anyways so I totally deleted then tried to re-install.
After I get to the screen for making the main admin account, I hit next and it tells me that I am forbidden to view this page.
I've contacted my host to see if it was possibly something on their end. Needless to say the response was something that you would send to a complete moron about properly chmoding files (I set certain files to 777 just like the install manual said to do if you ran into problems) I even tried to install it in a differnt location on the server (outside teh cgi-bin directory)

Has anyone ran into this? Or maybe help to point me in the right direction as for which way to head?

Thanks in advance.
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