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Postby Julio Cesar » Fri Apr 12, 2002 10:08 pm

I have two problems whit the wap4coranto:

I install the corantowap and this working but:

It always show me the content of the last news in all news.
I sumit five news with diferent content and all have the right url, but ... always show the last new "NEWS FOUR"

News Four
<a href="http://www.deportes2000.com/cgi-bin/noticias/viewwap.cgi?wapnews0-EpElyukluuQMXlcWoz">- News Four</a><br/>
News Three
<a href="http://www.deportes2000.com/cgi-bin/noticias/viewwap.cgi?wapnews0-EpElyuklpZsLnktPXH">- News Three</a><br/>
News Two
<a href="http://www.deportes2000.com/cgi-bin/noticias/viewwap.cgi?wapnews0-EpElyukyyAuUVfrpda">- News Two</a><br/>
News One
<a href="http://www.deportes2000.com/cgi-bin/noticias/viewwap.cgi?wapnews0-EpElyukyuFzhMqPASz">- News One</a><br/>
Ultima noticia
<a href="http://www.deportes2000.com/cgi-bin/noticias/viewwap.cgi?wapnews0-EpElVyyVpADfTCwkmW">- Ultima noticia</a><br/>

Another problem:
I have 6 categories and wap category , I select the right category (WAP) in wap4coranto set up, but always show the last new sumit of anywhere category.

You can see

Click here to see the wap

Thanks for your help
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Julio Cesar
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Postby blue » Wed May 01, 2002 1:57 pm

I'm having a similar problem - any ideas?
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Postby Von Snellfharer » Sat Sep 14, 2002 3:38 pm

The webserver isn't setup for wap so it sends out the wml pages identifyed as text not wml.

Ask your hosting company to set up the right protocol for wap.

There is allso a way of doing this trough .htaccess (if you're on a unix Apache server) but i don't really remember where i saw it...

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Postby Turk » Mon Sep 16, 2002 12:03 pm

I have a question about WAP4Coranto also. How can you make work with custom fields?
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Postby web » Fri Sep 22, 2006 10:25 am

I had the problem. All news in WAP list opened the same news.
The problem was that wap and CorantoSQL are not compatible.

now it works ok with FakeSQL.

Is it possible to make them compatible with SQL?
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Postby Parahead » Wed Sep 27, 2006 5:50 pm

There really is no need to use Wap4Coranto since you can achieve the same things with normal profiles. Just make the output files being WML-files or make WML-files capable of handling SSI includes and you are on your way...
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