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Postby Whatrevolution » Fri May 25, 2007 11:08 am

Coranto v1.25

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Script Location (Method 1): /var/www/coranto/
Script Location (Method 2): /var/www/coranto

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Unable to open /var/www/coranto/ Not a directory at line 281.

The line in is in sub CRopen:
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sysopen($fh, $filename, $flags) || die "Unable to open $filename. $!";

So the only reference in that looks relevant is this, line 933, which is in sub ReadSettings:
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$newsdatfile = CRopen($CConfig{'htmlfile_path'}. "\\".$CConfig{'NewsdatFile'});

The search terms are irrelevent, as it trips on the exact same comment file any time a search term matches.
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EElppFkykErTnZZBdV is the comment file of the top post in newsdat.txt, of course, and the URL pre-mangle would thus be:
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/me scrolls through more code.
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