(Almost) ALL of your questions are answered here

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(Almost) ALL of your questions are answered here

Postby Jackanape » Wed Jan 24, 2007 1:44 am

This post is an updated adaptation of that originally written by insaneninja, which can be found in the archives HERE

If you are new to the forums, please read Where/How to get Coranto help - Please Read Before Posting, the topic just above this one here in the Coranto Support Forum.

Current Final -> Download Here
Current Alpha/Beta -> Download Here
Current Status -> Core Development Forum

Related Sites..
CorantoDemo.net -> Description
Coranto Documentation Wiki -> More Information

Addon Sites..
plushpuffin's Addons
Sumaleth's Coranto Addons
Parahead's Coranto Addons
l0rdphi1's Addons
Addon Download Page at Coranto Demo

Programming Standards..

W3C's HTML Validator - reads and corrects your HTML/XHTML mistakes
W3C's CSS Validator - reads and corrects your CSS mistakes
Working with alternative stylesheets - adding multiple themes to your website

Reference Sites..
HTML Goodies.com - basic HTML, CSS, Javascript help
Lissa Explains.com - overall help, for beginners/intermediate
HTML Goodies.com/tutors/xhtml.html - easily learn the difference between HTML and XHTML (a.k.a. HTML 5.0)
CGI/Perl Tutorial - Simple Perl Tutorial

Responsible webmaster tip sites...
Your HTML Source.com - overall help/advice
A List Apart.com - overall help/advice

Advanced Reference Sites...

PHP.net Manual - PHP glossary (use the search option)
MySQL Manual - MySQL glossary (use the search option)
W3C's guide to XHTML - official guide on XHTML (a.k.a. HTML 5.0)
Apache SSI/SHTML Manual - guide on using Server Side Includes in files
Apache .htaccess Manual - guide on using the .htaccess file
Apache mod_rewrite Manual - official guide of mod_rewrite and the RewriteEngine

Working with popup windows? - stop using href="javascript:"
Code: Select all
<a href="page.html" onclick="window.open('page.html'); return false;">Pop it</a>

Basic Questions

Where can i see examples of what Coranto can do? Showcase Forum

Non-English Language Support?
It was added in beta v1.02.10, and exists in the current official release

Can two news stories accidentally get the same newsid?
Simple answer.. no
reason -> Link

Editing Styles...

A rundown of how Coranto's styles work, and how to use them well.

Official Guide By Elvii Link

Alternating Variables (2 vars) - By l0rdphi1 & Parahead

Alternating Variables (3 vars or more)
- By l0rdphi1 (Colors are used as an example)

Display Date Only Once Per Day.

<If: Sub: isNewDate>Today is <Field: Date></If>

Use different Date/Time Formats in Styles

Set Up Headlines Link

Avatars/Icons Link

Snipping Fields...

Cut off the contents of a field after a certain number of characters...
<Snip #: Field: Subject>

Cut off the contents of a field without the ending dots
By l0rdphi1 Instructions

100% Exact "Down to the #th letter" Snip Feature
, also tests for "Full News" link
(not allowing for spaces and without the ending three dots)
By msbzdragn Instructions

How To...

Change the way coranto looks...
[url]Coranto.org Themes Page[/url]
(one of two addons listed below are required to use themes)
Find your file paths

Reset A Lost Password - By Elvii Instructions

Posting news on separate pages Instructions

Use SSI within HTML files. (fake SHTML)

Use Multiple Entries In One Field

Make Some Fields Appear Only When You Post In A Certain Category Instructions

"Pin" Certain Articles (AKA Sticky Posts) At The Top Of Your News Page. Method 1 Method 2

Template To Match Your Site. With "Full News" Pages Instructions

Remove/Replace The "Powered By Coranto" Link Instructions

Spaces in user_name.. as well as custom and changable names Instructions

Using Item Counters in Coranto Styles Instructions at the Documentation Wiki
^-alternative simplified version Instructions

Archive by a certain number of items Instructions

Specify Template For viewnews.cgi

Rename viewnews.cgi ? Instructions

Have Two Coranto's Running Instructions

Comment Systems
3 on the Addons page (Coranto + Forum) - Link (bottom)
1 standalone in the works (iSay) - Link
Available Styletags...
(not including addon-specific tags!)
  • <Field: Name> - Prints out the field Name
  • <TextField: Name> - Prints out the field Name, parsing HTML to text
  • <Sub: Name> - Make a call to sub Name, print out the result
  • <If: Field: Name> - If field Name has a value (not empty or "0").
  • <If: Field: Name eq "something" > - If field Name equals something.
  • <If: Field: Name{"key"} eq 'something'> - If hasharray Name{"key"} is equal to something
  • <If: Field: Name == #> - If field Name is equal to the numeric value
  • <If: Field: Name{"key"} == #>
  • <If: Sub: Name eq 'something'> - If the returnvalue from Name is equal to something
  • <If: Sub: Name == #>
  • <If: Sub: Name>
  • <Snip 20: Field: Name> - Snip the field to only contain 20 characters
  • <Snip 20: Field: Name{"key"}>
  • <Snip 20: Sub: Name>
  • <If: Else: Field: Name>
  • <If: Else: Field: Name eq 'something'>
  • <If: Else: Field: Name == #>
  • <If: Else: Field: Name{"key"} eq 'something'>
  • <If: Else: Field: Name{"key"} == #>
  • <If: Else: Sub: Name eq 'something'>
  • <If: Else: Sub: Name == #>
  • <If: Else: Sub: Name>
  • <If: Else>
  • </If>
  • All styletags with == also supports !=
  • All styletags with eq also supports ne
  • All styletags with " also supports '

<Field: ProfileName> - name of the profile being built, useful to keep outside/perlcode variables seperate
<Field: newsid> - unique id used for each post
<Field: newstime> - unix time, in seconds since the Epoch (Jan 1st, 1970)

<ItemAnchor> - Creates a link anchor to the unique id used for each post.
It is the same as '#newsitem<Field: newsid>'
(ex: <a href="/fullnews.html<ItemAnchor>"><Field: Subject></a> )

Usable "isNew.." Subroutines
  • isNewDate
  • isNewYear
  • isNewMonth
  • isNewWeek
  • isNewUser
  • isNewCategory
  • isNewFile (must be called before isNewDate)

Example use: Display date only once per day.
<If: Sub: isNewDate>Stories posted on <Field: Date>.</If>
Coranto Addons

Basic Useful Overlooked Addons

Coranto Itself..

Change The Way Coranto Looks.
Chameleon v1.1 - By LoneOwl Addon Link
(uses outside files, different users can load different themes)
CSS Editor - By Elvii Addon Link
(Changes the core colors, for everyone)

Place a "notice" on the top of the each Coranto page. Addon Link
Annoying Notice v1.00 - By l0rdphi1

Create and edit *.tmpl (template) files within Coranto. Addon Link
Template Editor v1.01 - By l0rdphi1



Build news into tabled columns. Addon Link
News Columns v1.0 By Sumaleth

Specify the target window of links generated by Coranto Addon Link
Special Links v1.0 - By AeroSoul



Update Coranto Like A Pro WITHOUT Knowing HTML Addon Link
WebWriter v3.2 - By kriko, AeroSoul

Add a help link to each field for special instructions Addon Link
FieldHelper v1.0 - By AeroSoul

Add to, and enhance, the abilities of your CustomFields Addon Link
CustomFields - By Parahead

Filter by the contents/values of a Field Addon Link
Filter By Field 2.1 - By Sumaleth, Parahead



Quickly find the problem with a style.
Forum Topic
Addon Link
Style Debugger 0.1 - By Parahead

Known Outdated/Obsolete Addons
(Addons that have not yet been updated to current standards)
-CorantoSQL By Lawrence - Has not yet been updated to work with the new [i]build engine
- Does work with Coranto v1.02
-vB Comments By Lawrence - Has not yet been updated to work vBulletin3 - Does work with vBulletin 2
-ProCheck By AeroSoul - Obsolete. Has been included into Coranto
-Sort True-Alphabetical By Sumaleth - Obsolete. Has been included into Coranto
-XMS Categories By LoneOwl - Obsolete. Has been included into the current xMultiSubmit
-Select Image (Multipart edition) By boerremk - Obsolete. Has been included into the current Multipart

Other Addon Questions

Make sure you looked at the docs or in the zip file FIRST
Almost ALL addons have instructions

Multipart requires Build 33?
Answer > You are using Coranto v1.02, either upgrade it, or use Multipart v1.48 - By l0rdphi1 Addon Link
Multipart causing problems with RPoll?
Answer > Look in the Multipart readme in the zip file for the fixes.
Alphabet Pages has an extra "1" on it?
MultiPage pagecount problems? (not whole number)
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Postby Gilbert » Sat Jan 27, 2007 6:51 pm

If I may suggest... this message should be divided in topics, "rejigged" and posted on a period of several days on the site as news items.

(1) It shows that the project/site is "moving" and well supported

(2) Majority of users don't consult forums and therefore it will assist them in their search and reduce unnecessary questions if they land to the forum

(3) It will increase search engine visibility
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Postby Jackanape » Sat Jan 27, 2007 6:56 pm

Agreed on all points. This is merely a moving of the other post here, so we could link to it specifically from the install package.
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