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php inclusion

PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 5:48 pm
by Misutowolf
I have grabbed an addon that allows you to rename output files to PHP...

I've had said addon rename my news file to blah.php, and wish to be able to insert PHP statements in my news posts, but it keeps eating them and not displaying anything. What can I do to have it work properly?

Said PHP snippets are something like:

Code: Select all
<?php codedisp_il(id,width); ?>

If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.


I've checked the News Text field options and made sure that all forms of tag stripping/removal have been disabled, and it still happens. I really want to fix this badly.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:33 pm
by SrNupsen
In particular, the "Strip code?" option should be set to no. If you set up a test account for me and PM me the details I'll look into it for you :)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:47 pm
by Misutowolf
I found a topic by someone who found a bug in

I'll post a link later after work when I can find it again. Thanks again!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 10:44 pm
by SrNupsen
Good work! Yeah, please post the link.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2008 7:26 am
by Abbeyvet
Or use Anne Rice to replace the start and end of the include string.

Then you can put something like this in the news text: