1.25.1 and 0 byte files

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1.25.1 and 0 byte files

Postby Pirate Elf » Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:55 pm

Ran into an unusual bug with 1.25.1 today. Attempted to do a full rebuild and it stalled. After checking my directories I realized that it had 0'd out all the .txt files (i.e. news.txt, rss.txt, etc) As this is a known problem that coranto has sometimes I did the usual fix. Delete all 0 byte txt files and attempt a full rebuild. 1.25.1 apparently has something wrong with it though because when I did this I immediately knew something was wrong because it logged me out and asked me to log back in. No amount of resetting nsettings.cgi or erasing the 0 byte files helped. Whenever I did a full rebuild it would A: stall out or B: log me out.

So before I gave up hope I decided to try the (glitchy) partial rebuild addon. The partial rebuild addon has always been finicky but sometimes it was just what was needed to fix this bug (that has been in coranto since I started using it 99). Partial rebuild did absolutely nothing for it. I attempted to turn every profile off and work from there but 1.25.1 doesn't even care if the profile is off or on, it still attempts to build the dang files. After messing with it for about half an hour I said screw it, and whipped out my trusty back up of 1.24 (Note: 1.24 is not located on this site anymore and that's a real shame as it was probably the most unbugged build ever released). I converted all the files back to 1.24, deleted all the 0 byte txt files (across multiple directories) and then did a full rebuild. Wouldn't you know it, 1.24 rebuilt perfectly (As it was intended to do).

So the problem is thus and since we have no more coders it will probably never be addressed, but I digress. The problem:
When doing a full rebuild coranto sometimes 0's out the txt files (or other names if you use that addon) for the individual profiles.
The fix in 1.24 and below is to delete ALL of the 0 byte files you find (using backups if it is necessary)
Then Rebuild.

1.25.1 Does not work this way. Attempting a full rebuild causes one of three things to happen when the 0 byte bug happens.
A: It logs you out (even if you click the remember me option)
B: Stalls (I.e. timesout)
C: Goes to a blank page
Also 1.25.1 attempts to rebuild ALL profiles whether they are turned on or not. I don't think it's supposed to do that.

Note: This is not connected (at least I don't think it is) to the 0 byte nsettings glitch or the 0 byte newsdat.txt glitch. Neither one of these played a role in this bug. This has been a known bug for sometime now and seeing as it's easily fixed is not really a problem, however using 1.25.1 it is not easily fixed and cripples coranto itself. Only way to fix it for myself was to revert back to 1.24. So if we ever get coders again this should be looked into.
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