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Postby Goliatus » Thu Aug 05, 2004 7:51 pm

OK, I am starting to understand what you would like to do and why, but let me put it words to see if I get this correct: You are currently using the Users.inc to pass values from Coranto to the other script, but if a user changes any of his settings in the other script it isn´t transfered back to Coranto?

Yes! :D

Are you using this method to syncronize login information in both script as well?

As You see in perlcode preseted few posts before I ignore data from Coranto if user already exists in Users.inc. Data from Users.inc has "higher priority".

But don't forget about my proposal from my first post in this topic. "Database processing styles" could look like this:
Code: Select all
<Field: CustomField_Username/>
<Field: CustomField_TeamID/>
<Field: Password><PerlCode>$Users{$CustomField_Username}{'Password'}</PerlCode></Field: Password>
<Field: *other fields*/>

Tag closed with / means, that field value is not beign changed.
And there could be interface in coranto which lets user to create newsdata processing profile, select categories, filtering options etc.
I know that all of it could be done with couple of lines in perl, but that would be not very comfortable :)

After working with Apache Cocoon I really feel lack of feature presented above in Coranto. With this feautre our beloved CMS script will be much more powerful :twisted:
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