an Anti-Leech Addon Request

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an Anti-Leech Addon Request

Postby Dragons Master » Fri Sep 20, 2002 3:33 pm

okay I dont know how to make it sound as if I am not asking you to do this for me because seriously - it would help the entire community of Coranto's Downloads-sites owners... which happens to include me... :D

Anyway, I was thinking about the greatest Anti-Leech addon out there - and if I knew how to create it - trust me I would... but I dont, so here is my vision...

The addon would be generating 3 files - servers.txt, files.txt, allowed.txt - name whatever you want, of course, anyway the files.txt file would be ordered the following way:
Meaning if I wanna put on a wallpaper file I would call it:

ok now the servers file would have a list of servers which would act as main or secondary URLs to the file, and will be ordered this way:
Meaning if I have a wallapapers and games site and each of this categories is located on a different servers or different directories it would look like this:

Now lets say you'll call the addon AntiLeech so there would be a file named AntiLeech.cgi which would be called the following way:
Now there would be an option to view the amount of times a game was downloaded by coranto code <AddonField: Stats(file)> or by SSI with including

ok now the thing about here is that the referring page must be one of the allowed referring pages listed on allowed.txt - something which will obviously protect the site from leechers...

Basically in the future Sorting by downloads could be added and Rating for the files (though Maudlin works that out) and other features....

okay now the option to change the files allowed.txt, files.txt and servers.txt would be made through the coranto administration - if you'll ask me its good enough just to put 3 pages with a big text box opening and saving those files then working on the parsing and everything - this way it is easier to add tons of files at one time and so on....

The advantage it has on other Anti-Leech scripts is that first - u have download statistics you can add to the site, 2nd - supports Mirror servers easily (on ALL other scripts if you want a mirror you have to add put a different file for that so there are several copies of the same file and the statistics are as good as crap because they split into the amount of mirrors you have - I know its not understandable but trust me - its crap)....

Anyway do this and by god you'll be my gods and i'll worship you... okay I am getting carried away but still I would really really appreciate it....

- Ben Bond
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Postby auscube » Sat Sep 21, 2002 12:00 am

this would be great for you if they made it but, unfortunately, i doubt it would come to of any use to any other people
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Links 2.0 from Gossamer Threads?

Postby peterw » Sat Sep 21, 2002 2:06 am

It sounds like you want links 2.0 ( ) from Gossamer Threads.

The only thing I don't think it can do right out of the box is deal with the mirrors. BUT, it is pretty easy to modify the links database so that it would have multiple fields for URLs.

The code is nicely organized, so it's easy to make mods based on the discussion archives on the GT site. I did a rather extensive set of mods a while back, BEFORE i knew much of how to read PERL , so what you want should be doable.

Good luck.
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ahem - 150$ ?!?!

Postby Dragons Master » Sat Sep 21, 2002 1:08 pm

Well kill me but I saw 150$...
OK now about this not being useful to other users - I think it would - and beside it would make more people want to use it - I mean I run an emulation site and I told many people about Coranto but I tell them also about the difficulties and lack of integration between the anti-leech (I'm using a crappy AntiLeech now) and Coranto and the lack of customization it has... so they like freak out and stop wanting to make download sites, instead they go leech porn sites - hehe - stupid friends...

- Ben Bond
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Postby peterw » Sat Sep 21, 2002 1:28 pm

I'm not sure what you are planning, but you may need to read the license.

It says $150 for commercial use, free with registration for individual and non-profit use. ... icense.htm

For businesses not entering bankruptcy, $150 is cheap because you can fully test it before buying.

It's up there with newspro/coranto for being among the most adaptable packages out there. (Unfortunately, the developers didn't take elvii
s pains to be user-friendly in everything.)
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Postby Dragons Master » Sat Sep 21, 2002 2:22 pm

yeah that was stupid not reading it...
ok I will take a look at it - do you think you could send me those mods you made or refer me to mods site for the Links2 thing.... ?

- Ben Bond
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Mods and the links forum

Postby peterw » Tue Sep 24, 2002 9:26 pm

The gossamer threads website is confusing. You want BOTH the forum and the resource center; and neither are always obvious to find them and I know what I'm looking for.

This is the link to the public forums on links2.0 ... st=1522882

This is the index of all of the mods: ... index.html
Some are on this page, but the bulk of what you want is under the 2.x subcategory.

Just do a lot of searching before asking a question; they get nasty if you ask something obscure that even the people who wrote the post 2 years ago have a hard time finding.... But somewhere in all that is a tutorial on how to add database fields.
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Postby nuggetman » Wed Sep 25, 2002 10:28 am

*raises hand meekly*
Why not just put in an .htaccess file?

Code: Select all
If you are like me, you know what it feels like to have files leeched off of your site. Fortunatly, there is an easy way to prevent this COMPLETELY. By simply adding a few lines to your .htaccess file, you can securly stop people from leeching off of your site. Add the following lines to your .htaccess file to set up an anti-leech:

AuthUserFile /dev/null
AuthGroupFile /dev/null
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !> [NC]
RewriteRule /* [R,L]

Replace the in RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !> [NC] with the URL that downloads will be allowed from. Replace the in RewriteRule /* [R,L] with the URL where people will be forwarded to if they try to download a file with an unauthorized referal.
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Postby Dragons Master » Wed Sep 25, 2002 11:06 am

Hey Nuggetman - thanks for the code but the thing is that the files are not on my server - they are on different servers - thats why this code is not usable for me - because the roms are on users computers which are acting as servers so people could download from me....

Peterw - well tried that Links thing and looked at the mods and everything - well just too complicated - I guess i'll just sit my ass some time, learn PHP and MySQL and freakin' create the worlds finest Anti-Leech script in da world - and of course hope to somehow manage the stats work with Coranto... :D

- Ben Bond
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