source code/encrypt with coranto

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source code/encrypt with coranto

Postby Gcampos » Fri Dec 22, 2006 11:01 pm

Hey all,

First of All Merry Christmas...

and the question...I use coranto for a schedule posting of events. In the past I have not used and scripts to prohibit copying of these schedules, this year I am, because of other websites copying the schedules and posting on their site, without acknowledging where it came from and not even providing links back, when I posted a note stating so. And now one of those sites, a competitor is using all kinds of scripts tp prohibit copying, and they were the one's stealing it, and saying it was theirs.

Anyways, I have included a no-right click script as well as no-select text script, and I can see those working fine, but would also like to use a source-encrypt script. And again I can see that working, BUT, if news posts are updated or newly created, would those be encrypted as well? I see not, tried to make an example and wouldnt work.

Any way to do this?


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