vBulletin/ Coranto PHPINCLUDE_START variable problem

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vBulletin/ Coranto PHPINCLUDE_START variable problem

Postby Esstee » Fri Jul 15, 2005 1:18 am

This is more aimed at "feathers" but I figured I would post it here just
the same in hopes that others who run vBulletin with Coranto and vBulletin
might be interested in this challenge as well.

I use vBadvanced for my webpages and using vBulletin's phpincludes_start
template I declare a variable to include my Coranto news stories onto my
vB powered pages (works nicely)

I have come accross a small problem that I wish I could resolve and I was
hoping someone might have some idea's.

The problem is whith multi page news stories. I have no way of creating
a dynamic include function where the variable could display whatever the
full story link address would be, since the full story content would vary from
story to story there is no way currently to get phpinclude_start variable
values to adapt accordingly.

Can you think of any way this could be achieved?

Currently to circumvent the problem I have collected and customized a
series of hacks to rebuild a vB page with all the active content on none
vB pages. (WOL, user stats, new posts, new pm's etc.) but there are
drawback to this as well, it creates alot of dB queries when multiple people
10+ access the news stories and slows down the server a great deal.

Anyways I was hoping someone may know other way's of echieving this within
vB pages instead of using the approach I'm using atm.
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