Once again my head hurts why Coranto WHY!

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Once again my head hurts why Coranto WHY!

Postby Esstee » Mon May 30, 2005 4:27 pm

Well for every good moment there is a bad :)

First off I want to say that Coranto is working out for me. Even though I know
that my approach to getting things done is probably pretty bad and that as
my experience levels rise I will most likely re build my newsroom coranto
design and do it right in the future.

But for now, I am stuck with one gnawing problem that I juse can't seem to
look past.

Full stories and vBulletin.

Now IU don't want to turn this into a vBulletin problem so I will simply state
the conditions applied by vBulletin and focus on Coranto's approach to solving

Okay My newsroom frame (page) is powered by vBulletin, my newsroom
content is powered by Coranto. I have no problems creating customized
vBulletin pages outside of my forums, I can do this using high performance
cached templates or completely independant .php code that pulls stats
direcly from my MySQL db.

The latter being something I am trying to avoid. with a fully interactive page
filling the supplied interactive vB statistics will produce over 15 db queries.
its not a big deal now, but when 100+ people pour in to read the news those
queries will bring out dual xeon server to its knees.

So... my only descent alternative is to generate cached vBulletin template
driven pages.

Alright now were getting somewheres.

The only problem I have encountered with vBulletin and Coranto is by
using php include functions on a template driven page, vBulletin will not
allow outside php include calls from a .php file. Instead vBulletin requires
that we place a few lines to create a variable in a template called PHP_INCLUDE_START.

In doing this we assign a variable of our choice like so: $fullnews or $teaser
and those variable would call the appropriate coranto template or .txt file
or whatever from the proper dir.

This works rather well in fact if I had no maginot full stories and multi page
news postings I would be happy as a pig in shit right now, but... since there
is full stories and split pages that leaves me with a problem.

When you call a php includes variable using vBulletin, as the vBulletin
templates are called this voids any php include functions from the file.
yes we can call on $variables that are attached to Coranto news.txt files
but in a maginot fullstory arrangement that gives no room for calling
a custom maginot fullstory template file? at least not that I can see.

So my question is this, If I understand correctly the <maginot url> supplied
in the fullstory link is generated when you press the submit button and
it builds the news right?

is there any way to call this fullstory link in an alternate style?

How can I call a news.txt and display a single fullstory through a $variable?
is there a way to manipulate the maginot full news id or path to appear
based on the news story read at that time?

I have been thinking of this for so long, my puny mind is running endless
loops of template and styles :cry:
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Postby Parahead » Mon May 30, 2005 6:45 pm

So much text and so confusing...
Yes, I am still around...
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Postby Esstee » Mon May 30, 2005 8:06 pm


A true statement to my mental state atm.

I have been working on a diagram to help illustrate the problem, I
tested it on my wife and she claimed to understand so it must be good!

I'll clean it up and post it here, hopefully it will help clarify the
problem I am facing and ... my hope is that someone will look and say

" thats easy " :p
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