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Hockey Cup Site

Postby Parahead » Tue Jan 11, 2005 7:37 pm

OK, now I am back after a really busy weekend with 12 hour workingdays when I have been in charge of a website during a hockey cup my sons hockey team hosted.

The actual cup site is located here and includes information about the teams, a time schedule for the games including scoring cards for each individual game. The group play table is calculated with a modifed version of SortOrders (needed to be able to sort on 4 fields!). The information from the individual games are used to present some statistics, like goalie saving procent and player score. Of course everything is done with Coranto! :-D

This is really not an ordinary setup of Coranto and the challenge was to be able to "connect" information from individual newsitems like a goal or penalty to a actual game, or a player to a team with as little information as possible! Since it where 18 teams and 60 games played in a 3 day period each newsitem needed to be as slim as possible so when submitting a goal entry the only information about the scoring player was the player number and which team scored (home or away). The style then fetched the information on the fly (player name for example) and did the statistics calculation...
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