My gaming website (pretty much pure Coranto)

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My gaming website (pretty much pure Coranto)

Postby Andross » Wed Jul 07, 2004 11:18 pm

Thanks to the help of Coranto, and the addons Maginot, Multipart, and AlphaPages, I have successfully finished the creation of the 4th version of my gaming website, Gaming Vortex. I intended the layout to be functional, so it isn't all eye candy, but I think it's pretty decent anyway.

Tell me what y'all think:

[b]NOTICE: It seems our host has had to reset and reinstall pretty much everything on the site after turning something up on a security audit :(

The site will be down for an extended period, and now I will need to redo Coranto stuff because I forgot to back it up, and they didn't give me any warning <_<

We'll probably switch hosts as well. This type of thing has happened before.
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