Showing off... (Several Sites)

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Showing off... (Several Sites)

Postby Hal » Sat May 01, 2004 4:07 am

I've been using Coranto for well over two years now, but for some reason I never registered for the forums. ::shrug::

Anyway, here's a quick cross-section of my Coranto-Enabled portfolio:
Pretty much 100% coranto. There are very few non-Coranto-generated static pages on the site. Maginot is used extensively, as well as multipage. Coranto replaces a content management system that I had written myself that was originally installed for this site... and let me tell you, Coranto does a WAYYY better job. Considering I installed Coranto on this site a year and a half ago, I'm amazed at how well it holds up, I did this before Maginot had half of the cool features that I now rely on, and since this site was created, a half-dozen or so addons have come out that duplicate a lot of the tasks I had jurryrigged. Browsing through profiles in the "Staff" section will really give you an idea of how much content Coranto is really handling; last I checked, newsdat.txt was pushing 10 MB, and that was months ago.
With the help of a friend of mine, I think we really pushed the limits of Coranto with this one. Logging 623 listings and 1891 users as of this writing, this site proves that Coranto can really take the heat. This site actually has a dual-headed Coranto installation... two installations of Coranto controlling a single user database and a single newsdat.txt. The reason for this is that one of the Coranto installations was modified completely... stripping out any administrative functions and completely reskinning the backend itself to look like the site and not like Coranto. Go ahead, try it. Various types of Maginot profiles are used extensively and almost to the exclusion of other kinds of profiles. This site has been featured in MacWorld Magazine (link) and this month's Business 2.0 (link - page 4, or page 112 of this month's paper issue). Probably something we should have done from scratch with PHP or some other script, but Coranto has handled all the traffic very well.
I successfully got Coranto and Maginot to handle a webcomic. All the other dedicated webcomic scripts really suck, Coranto offered enough flexibility to blow them all away with flying colors... and them some. I'm using Maginot to handle all of the other pages on the site as well, and the sidebar on the right is made up of a profile called via SSI, while the sidebar on the left is also a profile. True, 100% Coranto.
Did this one for a client as well... Coranto is managing about 99% of the static pages on the site, including the current designs subsection, the specialty showcase section, and every other section via a separate category and Maginot profile. 99% because, the only page not in Coranto is the homepage itself, which was hand-coded.
99% coranto, save for a few pages that were graphic-intensive enough to not warrant it. The entire portfolio is Coranto, except for the portfolio intro page. Try this - go to a page, like the "testimonials" page, and reload it a few times. Coranto is exporting bits of HTML from the portfolio into another flatfile database that is being picked up by a script that is rotating that HTML randomly via SSI. There are a few other little goodies like that scattered around the site.
Nothing too crazy here, but it's still 100% Coranto, with lots of Maginot
This site is unfinished and still on the backburner, in fact, I don't ever expect to completely finish it. It was supposed to be a personal blog, but I've since moved to Livejournal for my blogging, because it has a lot of features I didn't feel like hacking in, and I didn't really have the time for it anyway. The Gallery, although consisting of work that is over a year old (my photography has greatly improved since then) makes an interesting use of Maginot Split Profiles being used in popups with imagemap <Prev and Next> navigation.

I have a few other Coranto-centric sites in the works, including a stock photography site built on Coranto. I did a really kickass shopping cart site in Coranto, with Coranto married to some really bitchin' client-side javascript, but the client pulled the plug on the project, so it won't see the light of day, unfortunately.

Thoughts? Comments? ...Questions?[/url]
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Postby Parahead » Mon May 03, 2004 7:59 am

Great looking sites, I like! :-D
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Postby VZey » Tue Jun 15, 2004 2:38 pm

wow! nice site there (macband)

I'd love to see the a screenshot of the profiles page u've got in there.
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