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Postby kriko » Sun Nov 09, 2003 11:53 am

Coranto Factory is yet another great resource for the users of Coranto. The site was renewed a couple of weeks ago. It contains information about Coranto, list of features including a demo. You can also find various exclusive addons for Coranto there. Among many other great things, Coranto Factory has a large support base with room to grow.

The site has many functions, one among of them is to show what Coranto can really do. And to do that I had to set up Coranto so all of the site could be managed using it.

In order to make the site popular and easy to use I had to make a great looking simple to use interface and a compfortable installation of Coranto to manage the site. The design took about a night or so, setting up Coranto and the front end took most of the time - about a day or two.

My objective was also to make a easy to use and maintain Coranto so that the various users could submit information to the site as easily as possible. To make Coranto friendly I made a mockup color scheme of the website design and installed various addons.

The Coranto installation is based on version 1.22.1 (which might change eventually). I installed Facelift addon for that version of Coranto to make it look more practical. I set up the XMS addon in order ease submission.

The list of addons what Coranto Factory's installation uses:
  • Backup - to have backups in the case of tragic loss
  • CSS Editor - to change the color scheme of Coranto
  • CustomFields - to have header fields in the submit and modify pages
  • Erdë - to change the poster
  • ezStats - to get comprehensive statistics about the installation
  • FaceLift - to make Coranto look better and more practical
  • Maginot - to generate static pages
  • Maudlin - to rate built items
  • Modify News: Category Filter - to filter the modify page
  • User Column - to view who posted the article in modify page
  • Multipart - to upload screenshots/documentation/packages from the submit page
  • News Categories - to categorize submissions
  • Profile Copier - to ease the creation of similar profiles
  • Sort Orders (Parahead's version) - to sort the data on various sections (front page, features etc.)
  • Template Editor - to edit templates from the web
  • WebWriter - to submit tutorials and all sorts of information using a WYSIWYG area.
  • X MultiSubmit - to create various submit pages for easier submission to the site

General overview of the installation:
  • 17 categories to classify submissions
  • 46 profiles to build various pages
  • 22 fields for submission.

Some of the addons have been changed in order to make the work better:
  • News Categories to enable custom/descriptive names for categories
  • One bug in Erde has been fixed
  • Coranto itself has been changed to work with the Custom Fields addon.

For some extra information on how the submission process works, you can read the Coranto Factory administration howto.

The website itself runs on a front-end coded by me in PHP to make the site more interactive, however it all runs from various static pages built by Coranto. Even the Theme eXplorer itself runs from static theme CSS files and template files which all are submitted and maintained using Coranto.

To see how you can help out on our common cause, please check out the "share" section in Coranto Factory.

I believe that Coranto Factory sets an great example of what Corano can really do with some configuring. Feel free to give out your opinion on the site or how to improve it!
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