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Postby Quither » Wed Oct 01, 2003 3:49 pm and

Fairly complex use of a copy of NewsPro (the main site is much older than the map) and a mixture of Coranto and NewsPro (was not confident of stability of Coranto until extensive testing and also could not do some of my old NewsPro tricks until some of the newer addon releases came out this Summer).

In any case, this site has three main design -- Flash, graphic HTML and text HTML. ALL versions feed off the same news fields, the same data, etc., but styles and templates are used to generate CGI data for the Flash version and regular HTML for the graphic and text versions.

The map is Flash only, but it's kinda cool because the researches and administrators for the site enter actual longitude and latitude into their submit news forms and the Flash file uses that info to calculate precise positioning on the map.

Actually, with exception of some legends and names on the buttons, EVERYTHING in all three versions of the site (including sub menus) is just items in NewsPro/Coranto.

FYI -- I use the terms NewsPro and Coranto somewhat interchangeably from a site implementation perspective, because the core of your work -- proper setting up of styles, templates and profiles, is essentially the same in both programs, although Coranto is much more flexible for a builder and totally, totally easier for the user (the folks who fill out all the dang forms to get content into a site). If you can get from your submit page to:

start=1&subject=<Field: Subject>&text=<Field: Text>&link=<Field: CustomField_Link>&pix=<Field: CustomField_Pix>

to use as data in Flash, then you're on your way.
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