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Postby kriko » Mon Aug 25, 2003 10:56 am

Basically, it is a site I made for a classmate and her friend.

Design is based on a photo she made. On top of the image I created some layers and stuff using PSP7. Then I sliced it up to png images.

The content is almost completely managed by Coranto. Coranto is set to build pages which are later included by PHP frontend. The PHP frontend is some way a complex script which builds the design based on a settings file and then includes the right page in an iframe and adds a design to it.

I have also set up a gallery system to the site. Basically, it is done so that one of them posts a item to the "foto" category, adds a subject and some content text and a url to the gallery. This is just for simplicity. The gallery is generated by a computer program what she has. What it does it just provides a really simple interface to make thumbnails and gallery images. The advantage it has that it can also resize the "large" images. Then it generates a html table from the gallery thumbnails. When the process is complete, she uploads the files to her ftp server (also that is one reason the process is done that way - I was unable to provide enough space for gallery images in my server). Then she enters the url to the gallery into coranto field and posts the item.

Later when a person goes to the foto page, they see the gallery posts there and when "Vaata lähemalt" is clicked the php script will parse the gallery to the user. It will add some HTML attrib./tags and remove some. Also, it will report the count of images in that gallery. If the gallery contains only one image, then the gallery isn't shown, instead the "full sized" image is shown. The php script determines the right gallery url by the newsid what is sent to it. It will open up a news database where it will find the right url for it.

I have also set up a guestbook to the site. I am planning to release that guestbook script to public as open-source one. I didn't use any I found on the web because most of them were too complex or just plainly didn't do what I wanted. The guestbook has censors and stuff.

As for the Coranto I am using there. It is the latest (version 1.21.3). And addons: Backup, Chameleon, Erdë ( ChangeUser Revised ), ezStats, Modify News: User Column, News Categories, Template Editor, WebWriter, X MultiSubmit. I have 11 profiles there.

The site is quite young at this point and does not contain much data. Also, since it is in Estonian, I will translate the menu options to english here:
info - info (the front page)
mari luule - poetry by mari
marily luule - poetry by marily
video - video (some small video clips)
foto - picture galleries
külalisteraamat - guestbook
propaganda - propaganda (links page)
bändid [a-z] - band's from a to z
kontakt - contact
float - popup in a new window

And in photo galleries page: Vaata lähemalt. - Look closer / View the gallery. In guestbook Lisa sissekanne - Add an entry.

Well that's about it :)
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Postby InSAnE NiNjA » Mon Aug 25, 2003 5:21 pm

heh, i like

other then that the counter counts each page load, i think i'm responsible for bout 25 hits on it
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Postby kriko » Mon Aug 25, 2003 5:57 pm

lol, yea, thats the counter for now. I just copy pasted the function code from my old signature image.
Kristjan aka. kriko
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Postby l0rdphi1 » Mon Aug 25, 2003 8:02 pm

Lazy :P

But it's nice; it looks cool.
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