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here's my site...

Postby lopi » Mon May 19, 2003 11:45 am

Go to www.lopisoft.com

Its my personal site, Last name, LOPEZ, minus the ez, replaced with an "I"...soft...well last time I looked in the mirror :)

Pretty proud of it, pretty much coded by hand... So all the mistakes, lack of true xhtml, etc. are all mine!

There are two frames, the navigation "Quick Links" side and the news bloggy side. The news/bloggy side uses a lot of css, used that to create the "news blog area" and the "right side navigation, content area."

Using coranto 1.10 (hopefully the last rc)
iSay, aero_souls very cool commenting system.
newscategory enabled, etc. Also now using the category icon .pl
WHich is very neat.

Going to re-work those gifs sort of look sad, made them as I installed and rigged up the category icon settings.


Hope you everyone likes it.... still in "stable beta"
Keep promising myself to finish!
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